Did You Know I Have a Personal Spy? (Book Review: Incarceron)

My rating of this book: ☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5 stars

My friend spies on the British for me. It’s nice to have my own personal spy. I never thought I’d have one, but now I do. Okay, she might not be just spying for me, and she may not be your average, everyday, espionage kind of spy, but she’s a spy nonetheless. She finds all sorts of fascinating books and novels by British authors . . . and then tells me all about them. Come to think of it, she’s a pretty good spy on the American front too. If I’m ever at a loss for what to read, I only have to give her a ring, visit her living room, or look up her goodreads.com page. She is a veritable storehouse of recommendations.

Now I can’t keep all the benefits of having a personal spy to myself, can I? So I thought I’d share with you (hopefully, I’ll convince her to do some guest posts on here soon too).

My favorite book by a British author that she’s told me about so far is Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher.

It’s about a prison, but don’t let that scare you away. Incarceron is a prison where supposedly no one enters or leaves. A place where people were given everything they needed to create a utopia . . . and yet it has become just the opposite. There is a boy locked away in Incarceron who doesn’t know his history, yet believes he may have come from outside. And there’s a girl, on the outside who might just be on the trail of finding a way in. The world she lives in has been forced into a veneer of perfection.

It’s a mind-bending, surprising and refreshing story. The world Fisher creates is extremely unique and fascinating, yet not too strange that your mind is constantly fighting to keep up. She’s written a clever combination about curious technology, human weaknesses and persistence in seeking the truth. The follies and beauty of humanity are seen against the backdrop of striving for reality and perfection. I highly recommend it! And so does my spy.

If you want to see a few more of my favorite books, you can check out some here on this page of my website (Some of K.L. Glanville’s Favorite Reads), or here on my goodreads account. I’m currently reading another book by a British author that my spy told me about. I’ll fill you in on that one when I’m done!

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