Once Upon a Podcast

Call it too many hours together on four wheels, or two friends with ideas that just don’t stop… Whatever you want to call it, The Book Spy (aka Dr. Catherine Posey) and I have started a podcast and blog about children and young adults’ literature. We’re still working out some of the kinks (like getting it onto iTunes). But those will get ironed out eventually. At least it’s on our blog page for now.

Our goals on this new site and podcast are to look at children and YA (young adult) literature both in broad strokes (like looking at different genres or related topics) and up close (through book reviews and discussions). It’s good for anyone who wants to learn more about these types of books. Whether you’re a reader, parent, teacher or academic, we think you’ll find something useful in our banter.

Feel free to check out our blog site here at SpiritOfChildrensLiterature.com or if you want a direct link to where the podcast recording is on that site, click here. While you’re on the site, you can sign up to “follow” the blog too so you’ll be alerted of any new things we decide to post about.

This is us, sitting out on a back porch in something near 100 degree heat, recording our first podcast. Ahh…what we go through to do the things we love. Happy Reading!

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