Why Do You Love to…?

Have you ever wondered why you love to do something so much? One of my favorite things to do is write. I loved seeing words form on the pages of my journal. I love painting images through words typed on a blank page, only to have them spring to life again in someone else’s imagination. I love to feel the click of keys under my fingers as words are formed.

Why? There are many reasons, I’m sure. Writing is a form of expression and can be cathartic and clarifying. It’s also a way to create; to make something that was not there before. It can transport me to another place, that I can in turn share with others. I have another hunch however, that there’s an unusual reason I may love typing so much, and it has to do with my father. He started me early…and forever linked “typing” with “joy.” Thanks Dad!

What do YOU love to do…and why?! Leave a comment below!

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