Creative Synergy – Allow Yourself to Get Pushed!

What happens when creative friends inspire each other?

So…I needed the floors finished in my new creative space, aka: “The Barn.” My crazy talented friend, Molly White (who also happens to be illustrating my next book) suggested checking in with another Creative, Brandon Landis, because he does decorative concrete…and of course he flyboards too, an added bonus (he’s the one who introduced me to THAT, if you don’t remember that story, you can check it out here).

Brandon was glad to take on the job. I wanted something durable and not-slick for the main part of the barn…but he pushed me to go a bit more out of the box and exciting for the smaller, workspace area. He wanted to have fun!

“Okay, how about nebulae and galaxy type stuff? Can you do that?” I asked.

He’d never tried, but was willing to give it a go.

I pushed again, “Can we put glow in the dark stuff in it too?” (He did say to be creative!)

He wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but was willing to give it a shot.

I found some glow in the dark stuff to use…and WOW…were we in for a FUN surprise. Check out the video to see what happened when the lights went OUT! And see what can happen when we PUSH each other…beyond our current limits!

I love creative synergy –
we were all meant to push each other higher!

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