Space, Time & …Crying?

I really get into my characters—at least the main characters. When I took my first acting class years ago, I was surprised to find that novel writing has a lot in common with acting. You have to get into your character’s backstory (history), figure out what makes them tick, what motivates them, what’s wounded them, and understand their dreams, etc.
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Creative Synergy – Allow Yourself to Get Pushed!

What happens when creative friends inspire each other? So…I needed the floors finished in my new creative space, aka: “The Barn.” My crazy talented friend, Molly White (who also happens to be illustrating my next book) suggested checking in with another Creative, Brandon Landis, because he does decorative concrete…and of course he flyboards too, an added bonus (he’s the one
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Why Do You Love to…?

Have you ever wondered why you love to do something so much? One of my favorite things to do is write. I loved seeing words form on the pages of my journal. I love painting images through words typed on a blank page, only to have them spring to life again in someone else’s imagination. I love to feel the
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How to Break Out Beyond Your Comfort Zone

I had a friend visiting from out of town who had plans to go flyboarding. Flyboarding: The act of strapping your feet into boots that are attached to a board that has water jets underneath…that has the capability to send you flying into the air, ostensibly, to eventually do tricks and have fun…to fly. For a world champion demonstration video,
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Pursuing Dreams and Freaking Out

I have never been accused of dreaming small. In fact I’d have to have you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if I told you all my dreams… But how do we actually get there…from dreams to reality? Why do they remain ‘dreams’ for SO long, maybe even forever? I’ll tell you why, it’s flippin’ scary to take actions that will
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I Want to Make a Difference…Do You?

I don’t know about you, but I want to make a difference with my life. Is that innate to every human being? I hope so. I want to make people laugh more, think more, help others, LOVE more and have more fun! I want people to understand more about Love! And I want to leave the world a better place
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Be the Love You Wish to See

My first vlog. Hope you enjoy! Please leave comments below!

What Word Describes YOU?

I have been interested in acting all my life. At least that’s what it looks like in hindsight. Over the years, I’ve collected costumes and hats, made shows as a kid, made movies and plays with friends, had costume parties, dramatized whenever possible…I believe I even had one friend call me a drama queen for a while. But I never
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Guest Author Interview: Lisa See

Hello! Thank you, Lisa See, for visiting my blog today. I’m looking forward to hearing the gems you have to share from your writing journey! First of all, what is your favorite genre to write in and what is the age range you generally write for?  I don’t have a favorite. I’ve written a family memoir, mysteries/thrillers, and literary fiction. Actually,
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Wrecked (Book Review: Priceless)

My rating of this book: ☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5 stars A friend gave me this book, Priceless: A Novel on the Edge of the World, by Tom Davis, for Christmas. I just finished it yesterday…and it wrecked me. I knew a bit about human trafficking before reading this book, but had always thought, “I’m glad someone else is doing something about
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