2108: Eyes Open

It’s the year 2108. I just turned 16. That means I can access the autopilot on my Aerokopa. So now, I can both fly and surf the Holoworld at the same time. But what good is that when I don’t even have a date to my best friend’s party of the century? Okay, well, one of the Holdouts offered to go with me…but there’s NO WAY I’m going with one of them! And then there are the Trollers docked at the wharf. They’re most likely spies working with the Aliens, bringing nothing but trouble. But with this visit, they may even bring war. It would be treason to talk to them, let alone…befriend one. But what’s a curious girl to do? Did I tell you I have a propensity for trouble?

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Space, Time & the Shopkeeper

Arona has always tried to live a safe life. But when Watson, a handsome stranger, starts visiting her bookshop, everything about her life begins to spin out of control. When she wakes up one morning with a sprained ankle, and another morning with a black eye, is it psychosomatic? Or is there something else unexplainable going on? As Arona finds
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The Realm: The Awakening Begins

In a world where dreams are more real than not, and harsh realities collide with visions of eternity, only one god can rule. Through Adan, a young Spirit Priest, and Graisia, a filthy, “throw away” orphan, supernatural powers have pitted themselves against each other with the town of Sawtong as their battleground and the hearts of those who live there as their prize.

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Fiction Writing Workbook

Write the story you’ve been longing to write! This workbook will be your own personal coach, guiding you along the way to a completed novel. You will find fun and stimulating exercises taking you through the entire process, featuring examples from The Realm: The Awakening Begins. Suitable for ages 11 to adult.

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My Very Special ABC Book

With the help of a parent, sibling, friend or teacher, your child or class can participate in creating their very own ABC book. Or, a parent or older sibling can fill in the pages and give it as a memorable gift. Either way, it will be something your child can use and cherish for years to come.

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My ABC Book of Careers

Through the whimsical eye of an 11 year old, explore careers from A to Z with your child or student. Charming in its detail, it’s bound to bring delight to all.

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The Realm: The Awakening Begins – Audiobook

Now Available!

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