Book Description

Write the story you’ve been longing to write! This workbook will be your own personal coach, guiding you along the way to a completed novel. You will find fun and stimulating exercises taking you through the entire process, featuring examples from The Realm: The Awakening Begins. Suitable for ages 11 to adult.

Topics Include:

  • Developing well thought out main characters, settings, conflicts and resolutions
  • Themes
  • Foreshadowing
  • Point of view
  • Full use of the senses in descriptions
  • Proper tense forms
  • Dialogue guidelines appropriate for fiction
  • The importance of research
  • Storing your ideas
  • Guidance regarding editing
  • The importance of patience and persistence
  • Checklists for first books and sequels
  • Links to correlating resources for teachers and classroom use.


“K.L. Glanville’s workbook is one of the most helpful, easy to use resources I’ve found for teaching aspiring wirters of all ages. The exercises are clear, imaginative and engaging.” –Lisa-Anne Woolridge, author and speaker

“K.L. Glanville offers a distinct way for her readers to make their own imaginative worlds, piece by piece. She clarifies how to create lifelike and multi-dimensional characters, paint a believable background, weave a thematic storyline and raise up dramatic tension. I have not seen any other such concrete and sensible methodology throughout my 37 years of teaching.” –Bonnie Henry MA, master and mentor, retired teacher

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