Book Description

In a world where dreams are more real than not, and harsh realities collide with visions of eternity, only one god can rule. Through Adan, a young Spirit Priest, and Graisia, a filthy, “throw away” orphan,  supernatural powers have pitted themselves against each other with the town of Sawtong as their battleground and the hearts of those who live there as their prize.


“If you like roller coasters, scary movies, and an overcoming faith then you’ll love The Realm: the Awakening Begins.” –Bob Martinez, screenwriter; “Victim,” “Gulag”

“So, I was expecting a good, fun read...However, what I ended up getting was a great, riveting, suspense-filled adventure that really kept me going all day!!!” –Jeff Simons

“Shape-shifting, transportations, dreams, and another dimension... it's all there, superbly crafted into a supernatural thriller bound to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page is turned... and make you question the reality you thought you knew.” –Doug Addison, inspiriational speaker, comedian

“Startlingly vivid, full of terror and consolation, The Realm: The Awakening Begins offers a glimpse behind spiritual doors into horrific darkness and resplendent light.” –Kathy Tyers, author of Shivering World and the Firebird trilogy

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