Though my main focus is young adult fiction, I can’t help getting excited about little kids’ books too. I’m working with Jennifer Roselund to get some of the books she wrote as a child published (see below) and I’m hoping to get some of my own out too! Subscribe to my newsletter and be alerted about new releases.

myABCbookofCareersMy ABC Book of Careerswritten and illustrated by Jennifer Roselund, age 11
Through the whimsical eye of an 11 year old, explore careers from A to Z with your child or student. Charming in its detail, it’s bound to bring delight to all.




My Very Special ABC Book:My ABC Book  of CareersMy Very Special ABC Bookdesigned by K.L. Glanville
With the help of a parent, sibling, friend or teacher, your child or class can participate in creating their very own ABC book. Or, a parent or older sibling can fill in the pages and give it as a memorable gift. Either way, it will be something your child can use and cherish for years to come.

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