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Why Do You Love to…?

Have you ever wondered why you love to do something so much? One of my favorite things to do is write. I loved seeing words form on the pages of my journal. I love painting images through words typed on a blank page, only to have them spring to life again in someone else’s imagination. I love to feel the
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Creative Storm

A few friends and I have been tucked away for a week in a cottage on the East Coast. As Sandy drew near, we hunkered down, charged our electronics, stocked up on canned food, ice and candles. We were ready for at least 24 hours without electricity. Surprisingly, Sandy just practically whispered by us. We got some wind and a
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How to Make Me a Little Crazy and Quite Happy:

Invite me to your school for two days. Have me speak for 6 periods straight each day on pretty much the same topics (being an author, editing, story arc, etc). By the end, I may not know what I’ve said to whom or quite how to speak a grammatically correct sentence…but I will have had fun. Yup, that’s what I
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Transported: Is It Supernatural or Technology?

Have you read 2108: Eyes Open yet? There’s a lady who gets transported from one place to another, seemingly, through a closet. Jewel (the main character) thinks it’s via some sort of technology she’s never encountered. But is it? Could it be a supernatural transportation? I went to a party the other day and ended up sitting next to a
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Who Says You Can’t Have a Theme Song for a Book Series?

I like music. I love to sing and I play various instruments…to varying degrees of proficiency. As a result, whether one of my characters is singing a song, listening to their favorite music or describing music they’re hearing in a certain scene, music has a tendency to creep into my books. So why not make use of it and branch
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Do You Read Out Loud?

Sunday, we had a party to launch 2108: Eyes Open on the West Coast and celebrate the completion of the audiobook of The Realm: The Awakening Begins. Some of the actors who read for the audio book were able to be there and it was fun for everyone to hear some of the finished product. My favorite part however, was
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BLOG TOUR – April 9-16

What is a blog tour? I’m glad you asked. Up until recently, I actually didn’t know either. Simply put, it’s a virtual tour for my book. From April 9-16, different bloggers will feature my book on their blog site in some way or other. It might be a book review, a giveaway, a guest post by me, an interview with
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What Got Taken Out? – Behind the Scenes of 2108 (Part III)

Warning: Slight Spoiler. If you want to know NOTHING of the first four chapters, skip the two indented paragraphs below. You can come back and read them after you’ve read the book! The editing process is one of my least favorite parts of writing. At times, it can be tedious and painful. Sometimes I have to scrap entire scenes I
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The Weird and Unbelievable. How Do You Research the Future? – Behind the Scenes of 2108 (Part II)

How do you research for writing about the future? Good question! One reason I wanted to write about the future was so I could make up all sorts of fun technologies. I also thought I wouldn’t have to worry about being so accurate in the creation of my “world.” Well, I soon learned there are ways to research and be
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How to Make Up a Character the Easy Way – Behind the Scenes of 2108 (Part I)

With just over a month away from the big reveal of 2108: Eyes Open, I thought I’d write a “Behind the Scenes” series of blogs leading up to the launch. First off, if you haven’t scoped out the basic book info, check it out here.  When thinking up a character, I often do the following: Mix together bits of different
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