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Why Do You Love to…?

Have you ever wondered why you love to do something so much? One of my favorite things to do is write. I loved seeing words form on the pages of my journal. I love painting images through words typed on a blank page, only to have them spring to life again in someone else’s imagination. I love to feel the
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Creative Storm

A few friends and I have been tucked away for a week in a cottage on the East Coast. As Sandy drew near, we hunkered down, charged our electronics, stocked up on canned food, ice and candles. We were ready for at least 24 hours without electricity. Surprisingly, Sandy just practically whispered by us. We got some wind and a
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Can You Write Two Series At Once?

“Why did you start a second series before finishing the first?” Whether they ask it or not, I hear that question in my head every time I tell one of my friends or fans about my new book coming out in April, 2108: Eyes Open. It’s the first book in a NEW series. I’m always a tad embarrassed to say
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