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What’s Your Angel Story?

Have you ever asked someone if they believe in angels? For some, you might as well be asking if they drove themselves to the moon and back. For others, it’s a very natural question. I guess I’d fall into the latter category. I think they’re very real…both the good and the fallen type. I have a feeling they do a
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Transported: Is It Supernatural or Technology?

Have you read 2108: Eyes Open yet? There’s a lady who gets transported from one place to another, seemingly, through a closet. Jewel (the main character) thinks it’s via some sort of technology she’s never encountered. But is it? Could it be a supernatural transportation? I went to a party the other day and ended up sitting next to a
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What’s in a Dream?

Have you ever woken up from a dream and known it was something special? Something different than your other average dreams? You may not have been able to put your finger on what made it different…but you just knew it meant something. I have had dreams like that. A lot actually. I think I was in high school the first
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