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What Got Taken Out? – Behind the Scenes of 2108 (Part III)

Warning: Slight Spoiler. If you want to know NOTHING of the first four chapters, skip the two indented paragraphs below. You can come back and read them after you’ve read the book! The editing process is one of my least favorite parts of writing. At times, it can be tedious and painful. Sometimes I have to scrap entire scenes I
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The Weird and Unbelievable. How Do You Research the Future? – Behind the Scenes of 2108 (Part II)

How do you research for writing about the future? Good question! One reason I wanted to write about the future was so I could make up all sorts of fun technologies. I also thought I wouldn’t have to worry about being so accurate in the creation of my “world.” Well, I soon learned there are ways to research and be
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Can You Write Two Series At Once?

“Why did you start a second series before finishing the first?” Whether they ask it or not, I hear that question in my head every time I tell one of my friends or fans about my new book coming out in April, 2108: Eyes Open. It’s the first book in a NEW series. I’m always a tad embarrassed to say
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